Electric Charging Station EV Car Charger

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Product model

 Dark house   Series








Wall-mounted Type / Floor-standing Type Installation

Charging cable

5M(16.4FT) standard, 7.5m / 10m or other size customizable


8.0kg (Including charging gun)






Electrical Specifications

Input voltage

AC220V±20% / AC380V±10% 

Frequency rating


Power rating

7KW /11KW /22KW Optional

Measuring accuracy

1.0 grade

Output voltage

7KW:AC 220V±20%     11/22KW :AC 380V±10%

Output current

7KW:32A   11KW:3*16A   22KW:3*32A

Measurement accuracy

OBM 1.0




Indicator light


4.3 inch display screen


Communication interface

WIFI/4G/OCPP1.6/LAN Optional







Operating conditions

Working temperature


Relative humidity permission


Maximum altitude permission


IP grade


Cooling way

Natural cooling

Applicable ambient



UV resistance



APP Functions
Charging by appointment Charge late at night by appointment, low-carbon, eco-friendly, lower electricity bills
Real-time data Real-time display of current charging voltage, current and power Accurate metering of the charge pile's electricity consumption, so that every dollar of electricity used is clearly visible.
Charging station historical usage report Daily and monthly charging status at a glance
Smart WIFI networking OTA upgrades; improved troubleshooting through remote diagnostics
Power adjustment (to be updated soon) Customised charging power, adjustable up to 1.8KW-22KW.

The Zhechi Electric® Electric Charging Station EV Car Charger

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