Electrical Switch

Residential grade On/Off toggle light The Zhechi Electric®  electrical switch is made of high-quality materials; impact resistant polycarbonate thermoplastic and solid steel. Frame dimensions: 3.65” H x .88” W x .96”, Shallow body design fits standard junction boxes. Push-in and side wiring (copper only). Break-off plaster ears. Grounding screw Suitable for houses, condos, apartments and most commercial areas that require only electrical switches such as offices, schools, stores, shops, restaurants, public facilities, and hotels. Use with ENERLITES toggle switch plates for the best fitting and color match. Part numbers 8811-W or 7711 stainless steel.

We are a professional electrical switch and socket manufacturer since 1988. We specialize in producing wall switches, sockets(German, French and Italian standards), Rocker Switches, Micro Switches and other appliance switches. Our factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters, with more than 100 staff.

Most of our electrical switches and sockets obtains VDE approval, others have NF, SEMKO or other certificates. We have our own laboratory, where all the products do the test according to VDE's requirements. All the frames are 850ºC fire resistant. As for the sockets, the minimum withdrawal force can reach 400g. We also have automatic workshops, making sure that every piece of parts are of the same quality. 

Zhechi Electric is specialized in manufacturing Electrical Switch and is one of the Electrical Switch manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our company has always focused on R&D and innovation, and is committed to creating the most practical Electrical Switch. If you are worried, we can also give away 2 years warranty service. In stock, come buy it.