Rocker Switch

The Zhechi Electric® rocker switch housing is made of nylon PA66. The terminals is made of brass, silver plated.

Function: Mini rocker switch is 2 pin SPST design (single pole single throw), with a set of wires (easy to turn ON OFF). The rating is 10A 125VAC, 6A 250VAC, and 20A 12VDC.
Features: "O I" marked on the black button. Package contains 10 sets of cables for switch connection.
Installation: The mounting hole size of the miniature rocker toggle switch is 0.756 inches (19.2mm) x 0.5 inches (12.7mm). It adopts snap-in design, easy to install.
Application: T85 rocker switch is widely applied to all kinds of household appliances such as water dispenser, treadmill, coffee pot, etc.

We are professional manufacturer for rocker switch and we will inspect supplied material, production process and final product, we completely make quality control for every step with inspections including withstand voltage, insulating resistance, conductor, dimension, external appearance, etc. Meanwhile random sampling is taken for inspections such as products' exotherm, environmental protection and electrical life. All related raw materials are inspected according to ROHS detective.
Zhechi Electric is specialized in manufacturing Rocker Switch and is one of the Rocker Switch manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our company has always focused on R&D and innovation, and is committed to creating the most practical Rocker Switch. If you are worried, we can also give away 2 years warranty service. In stock, come buy it.