Solar Photovoltaic System

Wholesale factory 1kw 3kw 5kw 8kw 10kw 15kw 20kw solar photovoltaic system cost 10 Years Factory Manufacture Experience With TUV, CE, ISO, CQC, SGS Certifications, 18000 sets/year Production Capacity, Export more than 25 countries, Simple installation, long service life and low maintenance cost, longtime running with loading. 3 Years Warrange with Inverter and battery. 25 Years warranty for solar panel and other Photovoltaic accessories. 24 hours after-sale in time service, Parts of countries has office and service engineer.

The Zhechi Electric® solar photovoltaic system consists of photovoltaic modules (including brackets), photovoltaic combiners, solar controllers, and batteries (including battery cabinets). If the load is AC equipment (220V or 110V), you need to configure the inverter. 

Photovoltaic modules are an important part of solar power generation systems and a high value part of solar power generation systems. Its role is to convert the radiant energy of the sun into electrical energy, or send it to a battery for storage, or to drive the load.
The solar photovoltaic system combiner box is used to reduce the connection between the PV module and the inverter/controller and is convenient for maintenance. It has perfect functions such as anti-counter-attack, over-current protection and lightning protection to improve the product. Safety and reliability

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